Pet Odor & Stain Removal

If you have a pet then you most likely have stains. Sometimes pet stains aren’t completely visible on the surface but still give off an odor, which means your pet is likely to urinate/ defecate in that spot again! Stains that have settled deep into your carpet or upholstery require professional carpet cleaners. Don’t take the risk of further damaging your carpet or upholstery by using store-bought products.

Able Carpet Cleaners use a black light to find all the offending areas. Then, we saturate the carpet and padding underneath the carpet with a sanitizer that breaks down the urine. A water claw is used to flush it out of the pad. After completely flushing the pad, we clean the carpet with our regular cleaning process and apply a deodorizer as a post treatment. In extremely severe cases, the pad has to be removed and replaced, and the floor has to be sealed with Kilz®.

Able Carpet Cleaners offer deodorizer in floral or spring fresh scents. The deodorizer is applied after the cleaning is completed. This application will affect the drying time but will still be dry within 12 hours.